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Custom Flags / Banners / Advertising flags

Custom Flags / Banners / Advertising flags

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Flag Depot U.S. is your one-stop shop for custom flags, flagpoles and hardware. See our in depth descriptions below of our custom flags. 

We will be happy to help you create a custom flag or banner. 

We specialize in custom flags of all shapes, sizes and quantities in both nylon and polyester fabrics. Choose from digital or screen print, embroidered or sewn logos and graphics. Flag Depot US carries any and all flags poles and hardware to ensure you can properly display your custom made flags.

We are here to help you choose the right custom flag for all your needs. The following descriptions along with our friendly staff will help you decide which custom flag/s are right for you:



Printing and flag design techniques

  • Screen printed flags are the perfect choice for outdoor projects due to their high durability. They are made with the finest detail and workmanship. These flags are custom printed with your design or company logo on the background of your choice.
  • Digitally printed flags offer the highest photographic quality and are suited for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Applique flags are long lasting and very sturdy as they have double layers of fabric sewn together. Great for a business flag or banner placed outside to attract attention.
  • Sewn flags are similar to the Applique process that allows a customer to customize the stitching on any and all parts of your custom flag.
  • Embroidered flags are embellished with beautiful stitching and a hand-crafted feel with the custom logo of your choice. These flags are made for showing off your logo or coat of arms hanging on your wall and are ideal for indoor use.



Flag Shapes

  • Blade custom flags are vertical flags shaped like the blade of a knife. They are great attention flags for businesses and events.
  • Feather custom flags are vertical flags in the shape of a feather. They are great attention flags for businesses and events.
  • Shepherd’s Hook custom flags are vertical advertising flags that are designed to maintain the flag shape even when the wind is not blowing.
  • Teardrop custom flags are vertical flags in the shape of a teardrop. They are great attention flags for businesses and events.
  • Traditional custom flags are standard rectangular flags, like the American flag.
  • Pennants are triangular shaped flags, great for sporting/team spirit events.
  • Burgees are similar to pennants except they are rectangular flags with a triangular cut out on one side. Great for sports and team flags.



Contact one of our knowledgeable staff members at 888-830-FLAG (3524) or and they will help you create any custom flag you can imagine.

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