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American Flag Nylon – Larger Sizes

American Flag Nylon – Larger Sizes

Polyester Large American Flag Sizes:

10′ X 15′
12′ X 18′
15′ X 25′
20′ X 30′
20′ X 38′
25′ X 40′
30′ X 50′
30′ X 60′

Product Description

Flag Depot US nylon flags are constructed with embroidered stars, sewn stripes and reinforced fly ends. Our American flags are 100% made in the USA and carry a satisfaction guarantee. Nylon flags fly beautifully even in the mildest of weather conditions and offer great durability. Nylon flags are at their best in mild to moderate conditions The flag of the United States of America consists of 13 equal horizontal stripes of Old Glory Red alternating with white, with an Old Glory Blue field in the canton bearing 50 white stars. The 50 stars on the US flag represent the 50 US states and the 13 stripes represent the original Thirteen Colonies. Our American flags include lightweight nylon and extra-tough 2-ply polyester.

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